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 Wolfy the Riolu.

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Wolfy the Riolu. Empty
PostSubject: Wolfy the Riolu.   Wolfy the Riolu. EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 11:23 pm

Name: Wolfy
Age: Like around I guess 13
Gender: M
Pokemon: Riolu
Moves: Quick Attack, Counter, Endure, and Force palm.
Flaws*: Loyalty, Somewhat annoying, Claustrophobic
Personality: Like most Riolu, Wolfy is a playful, energetic spirt. However because f this he can be quite annoying at times and his loyalty to others will get him into some very deep problems. While he has his faults, Wolfy is a brave fighter and will stand up to those who are ten times strnger then him if it means protecting the pokemon that matter most to him.
Level: 10
Talents: Sensing emotions, Being a playful and fun loving pokemon. Very agile and nimble.
RP example**: Wolfy jumped from branch to branch in the forest looking for something to do or someone to talk to. He stopped when he found a group of pokemon being bullied by a Arcanine. "Hey. Leave them alone."He said and used a quick attack. He stood up in front of the group and stared down the Arcanine whom just started laughing at him. Riolu ran up to the Arcanine and tried to use Force Palm but he was nocked aside like he was nothing. Quickly he got up and used another quick attack. He stood in front of the group of pokemon trying to protect them as Arcanine used a flamethrower aimed at him. He is hit and sent flying back into the the tree that he had attacked from. "Hey...I'm not done yet.."He said as he shakily got to his feet to continue the fight that he couldn't win.
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Wolfy the Riolu. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolfy the Riolu.   Wolfy the Riolu. EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 11:27 pm


Concrete/Conkeldurr/level 76(Hammer arm, wake up slap, Rock slide, and earthquake)
Skittle/Skitty/level 2 (Growl and tackle)
Vampy/Shiny Crobat/level 91 (Poison Fang, Air slash, Toxic, and Confuse ray)
Jackel/Houdoom/Level 74 (Fire fang, sunny day, Crunch, and Take down)
Soul/Banette/level 100 (Shadow sneak, confuse ray, shadow claw, and Sucker Punch)
Blade/Garchomp/level 87 (Dragon rush, dig, dragon claw, and brick break)
Angel/Jirachi/level 96 (Psychic, dream eater, hypnosis, and moonlight)
Vivi/Gardevoir/level 79 (Fire punch, thunder punch, psychic, psycho cut)
Flower/Shaymin/level 100 (Magical leaf, synthesis, razor leaf, leech seed)
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Wolfy the Riolu.
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