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 The Rules!

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The Rules! Empty
PostSubject: The Rules!   The Rules! EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 8:25 pm

To be able to continue on this site, you must follow a set of rules.
-No Double Accounting
-No Role-playing without a character
-No harassing others
-If you're in a fight, take it to pm's. We don't want to see it in the chat box or anywhere else.
-No cursing in posts(Only Damn and hell are allowed, but you can say what you want in the chat box)
-No sexual talk at all, suggestive talk is also not allowed
-Please try not to have your characters over-do it if you have them date
-You can have homosexual characters, just don't make it too obvious, some peoples parents might monitor their what they do and be upset by it
-Don't spam or double post
-You MUST MUST MUST respect the staff
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The Rules!
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