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 Jim the Pinsir

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PostSubject: Jim the Pinsir   Jim the Pinsir EmptyTue Jun 05, 2012 5:08 pm

Name: Jim

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Pinsir

Moves: Vicegrip/ Focus Energy/ Bind/ Seismic Toss

Flaws*: He always acts before he thinks often times leading him into trouble, He is very quick to anger, He has a fear of heights.

Personality: Jim is a cheerful enough Pinsir. While he may not personally try to get into fights oh what am i saying if you annoy him or anger him he will want to hurt you. Though if you don't annoy or anger Jim, as I said he is a nice guy, he will be a good friend. He enjoys training alot, and eating. Lots and lots of eating. Also everything in his flaws.

Level: 10

Talents: He can lift something twice his weight, and eat three large pizzas in one sitting.

RP example**: It was a sunny day, as the sun shined down spreading its radiance onto the Earth. A breeze rustled the tree branches all around. Under one of the trees relaxing away from the sun was none other than Jim. His eyes were closed as he was having a peaceful time. All was peaceful and calm no one was causing any trouble until out of the tree above Jim a seedot fell right on Jim's head.

Jim rubbed his head trying to figure out what happen and once he figured out it was the seedot he glared at it.

"How dare you fall on me and ruin my nap," Jim said. While most would think Jim was overreacting, to Jim this was like stealing the Holy Grail from him.

"Prepare to get crushed," Jim said as he tried to vicegrip the poor seedot, but it scurried out of the way just in time climbine up the tree again. Jim followed up the tree trying to vicegrip the seedot every time he got close, bt the seedot was faster until they reached the top of the tree.

Jim glared at the seedot and vicegriped it then Seismic tossed the seedot and himself off of the tree, resulting in two uncouncious pokemon under a tree.

Notes: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Jim the Pinsir   Jim the Pinsir EmptyTue Jun 05, 2012 5:10 pm


Concrete/Conkeldurr/level 76(Hammer arm, wake up slap, Rock slide, and earthquake)
Skittle/Skitty/level 2 (Growl and tackle)
Vampy/Shiny Crobat/level 91 (Poison Fang, Air slash, Toxic, and Confuse ray)
Jackel/Houdoom/Level 74 (Fire fang, sunny day, Crunch, and Take down)
Soul/Banette/level 100 (Shadow sneak, confuse ray, shadow claw, and Sucker Punch)
Blade/Garchomp/level 87 (Dragon rush, dig, dragon claw, and brick break)
Angel/Jirachi/level 96 (Psychic, dream eater, hypnosis, and moonlight)
Vivi/Gardevoir/level 79 (Fire punch, thunder punch, psychic, psycho cut)
Flower/Shaymin/level 100 (Magical leaf, synthesis, razor leaf, leech seed)
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Jim the Pinsir
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